Julie Porcelli

Julie Porcelli

Contracts and Compliance Manager, Chicago, IL

Education & Certification

BS, Merchandising, Old Dominion University

Julie Porcelli is the contracts and compliance manager for Child Trends. In this capacity, she helps direct the business development of Child Trends research and provides support on pricing strategy. Julie manages and oversees the organization’s contracts functions, mitigating risk exposure to Child Trends, and she negotiates a wide variety of commercial and governmental contracts and grants. She also provides support and guidance on compliance and policy matters across the organization.

Prior to joining Child Trends, Julie worked as a senior contract administrator for NORC @ the University of Chicago. Throughout her career, Julie has worked for other research institutions in the Washington, DC metro area and currently holds a C.F.C.M. with the National Contract Management Association. With over 14 years of experience, Julie has a deep knowledge of Federal Acquisition Regulations, Contractor Purchasing System Review requirements, audit requirements, data governance, and conflict of interest matters. Her unique skillset is dedicated to minding the details, and she advocates for purposeful use of standards and methodologies to create efficiencies related to the management and compliance monitoring of contracts.