Families play a central role in a person’s life and can serve as an important source of support and security to children and promote their health and well-being. The quality of the relationship between family members is particularly important for achieving these positive outcomes.  

Research from the Marriage Strengthening Research and Dissemination Center

Featured Experts

Deana Around Him

Research Scholar

Yiyu Chen

Research Scientist II

Lina Guzman

Chief Strategy Officer and Director of the Hispanic Institute

Jennifer Manlove

Senior Research Scholar, Sexual and Reproductive Health

Manica F. Ramos

Senior Research Scientist II

Mindy E. Scott

Senior Research Scholar

Alicia Torres

Senior Director of Communication Science

Elizabeth Wildsmith

Research Scholar, Reproductive Health and Family Formation

Andra Wilkinson

Senior Research Scientist

April Wilson

Research Scholar and the Program Area Director for the Parenting and Family Dynamics area


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