Early Childhood

Early childhood is a time of rapid change and critical milestones during which the trajectory of a child’s development and well-being is shaped by their interactions with family, caregivers, teachers, and multiple programs and services. However, many children and families do not receive the supports they need to reach their full potential, especially those who have been marginalized by racism and systemic inequalities. Further, the fragmentation of the early childhood system—which includes early childhood policies, programs, services, and infrastructure—challenges the system’s ability to best support children, families, and its workforce. Child Trends’ early childhood research agenda focuses on the needs of young children and their families as they grow, learn, and access early childhood services in their communities and states.

Featured Experts

Kathryn Tout

Vice President for Early Childhood Research and Partnerships

Sara Amadon

Senior Research Scientist II and Early Childhood Research Operations Manager

Sarah Shea Crowne

Senior Research Scientist IIProgram Area Director, Child and Family Well-Being Supports

Sarah Daily

Senior Research Scientist IIProgram Area Director, Early Childhood Education

Kristen E. Darling

Research Scientist II, Early Childhood Development and Education Research; Early Childhood Team Staffing Manager

Diane Early

Senior Research Scholar

Tamara Halle

Senior Scholar, Early Childhood Development

Doré R. LaForett

Research Scholar

Weilin Li

Senior Data Scientist and Early Childhood Data Science Lead

Chrishana M. Lloyd

Research Scholar

Carlise King

Executive Director, Early Childhood Data CollaborativeProgram Area Director, Early Childhood Systems Building

Kelly Maxwell

Senior Research ScholarProgram Area Co-Director, Early Childhood Development

Manica F. Ramos

Senior Research Scientist II

Dale Epstein Richards

Senior Program Area DirectorResearch Scholar

Dana Thomson

Senior Research Scientist II