Youth & Young Adults

Adolescence—which begins in puberty and lasts through the mid-20s—is a critical period of development during which young people experience a variety of biological, cognitive, psychological, and social changes. During this period of learning and identity-formation, youth and young adults need access to opportunities—within schools, communities, and workplaces—and supportive relationships to help them learn and grow. Unfortunately, many young people (particularly those who experience structural racism and other social inequities, like childhood poverty) have inequitable access to these resources. This, in turn, creates disparities in health, social and emotional wellness, employment and economic well-being, and academic achievement.   

Featured Experts

Kelly Murphy

Research ScholarProgram Area Director, Youth Development

Zakia Redd

Program Area Director, Youth Development

Kristin Anderson Moore

Senior Scholar and Past President

Mavis Sanders

Senior Research Scholar of Black Children and Families

Deana Around Him

Research Scholar | Indigenous Children, Youth, and Families

Samantha Holquist

Senior Research Scientist II

Alicia Torres

Senior Director of Communication Science

Andra Wilkinson

Senior Research Scientist

Hannah Lantos

Senior Research Scientist