Maggie Haas

Maggie Haas

Senior Research Assistant, Waltham, MA

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Education & Certification

BA, Psychology, Duke University

Maggie Haas is a senior research assistant in the early childhood development program area. Maggie graduated from Duke University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a certificate in human development, and a minor in environmental science and policy. Her research interests include multiracial identities, kindergarten readiness, refugee youth adjustment, in-group biases in children, and the transition to college. As a research assistant in the Duke Identity and Diversity Lab, she explored her interests in social psychology through a developmental lens by studying the social identities of both children and college-aged students in and around Durham, NC.

In her final year at Duke, Maggie also found a passion for education when she completed a teaching fellowship that put her in a classroom setting teaching an introductory psychology course. This opportunity allowed her to explore the many different areas of psychology, while focusing on the principles of successful teaching.

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