Gabriella Guerra

Senior Research Analyst

Research Focus

Education & certification

BA, Psychology, Stanford University

Gabriella Guerra

Senior Research Analyst, Chapel Hill, NC

Gabriella Guerra is a senior research analyst in the early childhood development program. Gabriella received her BA in Psychology from Stanford University. She is passionate about mental health and wellness, particularly in the areas of prevention and community-based intervention. This passion can be highlighted by her work with the National Network of Depression Centers in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and her time as a research assistant in the Stanford Neurodevelopment, Affect, and Psychopathology (SNAP) Laboratory where she was a part of the Brain and Behavior Infant Experiences Study (BABIES), a study which aims to improve prevention and early intervention of emotional disorders by understanding how parents help foster infant growth and well-being.

Gabriella has a burgeoning interest in public health, health policy, and health inequity, an interest she has immersed herself in through coursework such as “Beyond Healthcare: The Health Impacts of Social Policy” and through her participation in a four-week intensive faculty-led abroad program, “Community Health in Oaxaca.” In the future she would like to pursue graduate schooling, but for now she is excited to be fully devoted to research she feels passionately about.