Cassidy Guros

Policy Analyst

Research Focus

Education & certification

BA, Sociology and Women's Studies, University of Michigan

Cassidy Guros

Policy Analyst, Bethesda, MD

Cassidy Guros is a policy analyst on the education research team at Child Trends. She works on a variety of policy, technical assistance, and research related tasks and projects. Much of her work involves collaborating with state and local education agencies and other youth-serving organizations to improve student and youth outcomes. In this capacity, she has experience conducting literature scans, analyzing data and policies, and providing and developing technical assistance. She is also experienced in project management.

Cassidy has expertise in education and youth development research and policy, particularly relating to healthy schools and youth mental health. She also has interest in the experiences of first-generation students, LGBTQ+ youth, and systems-involved youth.

She graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Women’s Studies.