Dominique N. Martinez

Research Analyst

Research Focus

Education & certification

BA, Biological Basis of Behavior and Psychology, University of Pennsylvania

Dominique N. Martinez

Research Analyst, Chapel Hill, NC

Dominique N. Martinez is a research analyst on the impact plan in the Office of the President at Child Trends. They graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in the biological basis of behavior and psychology in 2020. While at Penn, Dominique worked on developmental projects highlighting the real-life applications and utility of research in promoting child well-being through early childhood education and within the home.

Before joining Child Trends, they worked as a post-baccalaureate research assistant on a clinical research project at UNC-Chapel Hill investigating how features of a child’s early-life environment, such as deprivation and threat, relate to a child’s psychopathology, behavior, and brain development. Broadly, Dominique is interested in early childhood, education, resilience, and adversity exposure and hopes to contribute to projects that aim to be mutually beneficial and rooted in equity.