Obioma Okogbue

Technical Assistance Specialist

Research Focus

Education & certification

MEd, Educational Leadership, American College of Education, MA, Comparative and International Education, Lehigh University

Obioma Okogbue

Technical Assistance Specialist, Bethesda, MD

Obioma Okogbue works as a technical assistance specialist in the education area. She received both an MEd in Educational Leadership and an MA in Comparative and International Education from American College of Education and Lehigh University, respectively.  Her areas of interest include educational inequality and the ways it impacts student opportunity and outcome. She has worked in both K-12 and higher education sectors, assisting in the development of safe and equitable learning environments. She worked as a graduate assistant to the Council for Equity and Community while at Lehigh University. Her work on educational inequality spurred her to carry out her master’s thesis on a quantitative study of digital inequality, and its implications for fourth grade German students.  In Nigeria, she worked as a French subject teacher for three years before transitioning to an administrative role. Obioma has also conducted numerous qualitative studies that analyze the content and language of both domestic and international policies and curricula to investigate marginalizing language which perpetuate stereotypes, educational inequality, and discrimination. As a technical assistance analyst, Obioma supports schools in the creation of safe, supportive and equitable learning environments.