Recent Funding Approaches and Sources for Community Schools

Research BriefHealthy SchoolsAug 25 2022

September 19, 2022: This product has been updated to include attribution of our funder.

The United States’ more than 8,000 community schools support students’ success by integrating services for students, offering extended learning opportunities, engaging families and communities, and encouraging a collaborative leadership culture. Community schools receive funding from a variety of public and private-sector sources. This resource identifies common sources of federal, state, local, and private funding to community schools and includes an annotated bibliography of literature on community schools’ funding approaches and sources.

An accompanying infographic factsheet identifies common funding sources for the thousands of community schools in the United States, depicts the growth in state funding to community schools, and lists types of partner organizations that help community schools obtain funding.

Suggested Citation

Okogbue, O., Sanders, M., Angeles-Figueroa, J., & Sacks, V. (2022). Recent funding approaches and sources for community schools. Child Trends.

Our research was funded by a grant from the Richard K. Lubin Family Foundation.