Elizabeth Karberg

Elizabeth Karberg

Senior Research Scientist, Bethesda, MD

Areas Of Expertise


Education & Certification

Ph.D., Human Development and Quantitative Methodology, University of Maryland - College Park

Elizabeth Karberg, PhD, is an expert on fatherhood and early child development, and has led research related to parent-child interactions with a focus on fathers for 6 years. She studies how fathers shape children’s linguistic, social and regulatory development, and the family contexts that shape parenting and fatherhood.

Dr. Karberg leads product development for several projects that focus on fatherhood research, including the Pregnancy Assistance Fund young fathers task and the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse. Dr. Karberg contributes a developmental perspective to the study of fatherhood and fathering, and the products she develops focus on how children benefit from father involvement. She also works with federal grantees to provide training and technical assistance to help improve recruitment and retention strategies for fathers participating in family, parenting, and pregnancy assistance programs. She oversees the budget, staffing, and project deliverable schedule for several healthy relationship and reproductive health projects, including the multi-component evaluation of the Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) and Studies of Performance Measures and Adult Preparation Subjects (PMAPS). Both of these are long-term evaluations of federally funded programs for comprehensive sex education programs, with a focus on high-risk target populations.

Dr. Karberg remains most interested in supporting families and children through parenting and relationship education. She contributes to research activities for Child Trends’ Hispanic Center related to healthy marriage and responsible fatherhood topics, as well as child development among Latinos. She is also pursuing ways to use observational data of fathers and their children to study fathering processes.