Tracy Gebhart

Tracy Gebhart

Research Scientist, Chapel Hill, NC

Areas Of Expertise

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Education & Certification

M.P.P, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Tracy Gebhart works in the early childhood development program area. Her research interests include education equity and access as well as special and general education policy. In graduate school, her studies examined racial disproportionality in special education.

Prior to Child Trends, Tracy served as the founding data analyst for a school in New York City. In addition to analyzing scholar and school climate data, she was responsible for managing the special education program. Tracy’s other professional experiences include time with the Office of Civic Engagement and Service-Learning and the Center for Education Policy and Advocacy, both located at the Amherst, Massachusetts.

Tracy remains interested in improving the quality of and access to education, and continues to expand her research into the area of early childhood development. Her current and upcoming projects focus on improving the quality of early childhood programs and exploring family engagement strategies.