Jenita Parekh

Jenita Parekh

Senior Research Scientist, Bethesda, MD

Areas Of Expertise

Education & Certification

PhD, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health , MPH, University of Texas at Austin,

Jenita Parekh, MPH, PhD, is a senior research scientist dedicated to implementing and evaluating evidence-based programs related to adolescent sexual health. Jenita brings 10 years of experience conducting public health and social science implementation and evaluation research, specializing in both qualitative and quantitative methods, with particular strengths in community-based participatory research studies. At Child Trends, Jenita is the implementation evaluation, impact evaluation, and data collection task lead for a randomized control trial evaluation of a pregnancy prevention program for young males. She is the lead trainer for community partners on data collection and program observations, and supervises several project teams on qualitative and implementation data analysis.  She has facilitated hundreds of focus groups and in-depth interviews and has extensive knowledge of specialized quantitative evaluation analysis methods and how to conduct data analysis workshops with community members and community partners.  Jenita also co-leads the race/equity committee at Child Trends.

Prior to Child Trends, Jenita was the lead on implementation science tasks for a statewide replication of evidence-based pregnancy prevention programs in New Jersey from 2012–2015. For this study, she led conceptualization and development of the implementation framework, measurement and instrument development, and data analysis.

Jenita has managed several community-based participatory research studies and partnerships with the community. Jenita presented her work at the NIH Conference of Implementation and Dissemination in 2015 and 2016. She currently serves on the faculty at George Washington University’s School of Public Health, teaching community engagement and advocacy to graduate students, and is a regular guest lecturer on implementation science at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.