Asiya Kazi

Asiya Kazi

Research Analyst, Bethesda, MD

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Education & Certification

MSPH, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Asiya is a research analyst in early childhood development. She completed an MSPH from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in the Department of International Health with a concentration in Social and Behavioral Interventions. Asiya has experience in qualitative research, quantitative analyses, program evaluations, technical assistance, and academic and non-academic writing.

Her interests center on the interconnections between racial and ethnic inequality and mental health outcomes. Asiya has been involved in a wide range of research, including exploring the representations of South Asian American men in American popular media, crafting an evaluation and programmatic proposal for improving patient retention at an opioid use treatment center, and developing a survey to assess the role that stigma plays in accessing mental health treatment among the Latino population in Baltimore.  She has also offered technical assistance to develop a national family planning strategy for women and girls in Guinea and examined the intersections between patient-provider communication and pregnant patients’ experiences of anxiety in the antenatal care system in Pakistan.

Asiya looks forward to conducting research, developing assessments, and designing programs that address psychosocial determinants of health for children, including inequitable access to high-quality healthcare, adverse childhood experiences, and chronic race-based stress. She also hopes to work towards reducing the impact of trauma on mental health outcomes for marginalized populations and applying a trauma-responsive lens to healthcare provision.

Asiya completed her undergraduate degree in sociology with honors at Rice University.

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