Welcome, Spring!

BlogApr 1 2013

The power of new life pushes aside the remnants of winter, and announces (often beautifully, sometimes tumultuously) its presence.  At Child Trends, we’re always interested in new beginnings, because children are our business.

The world is continually being re-made, from the molecular on up to the level of huge systems—and, of course, at the individual level.  Sometimes imperceptibly, but inevitably, today’s adults are replaced by yesterday’s children.  We may call it mortality, or we may call it renewal, but in any case adults raise the generation that will supplant them.  If we’re lucky, they also may be the ones who care for us in our old age.

So, how are we doing in creating our replacements?  Are we endowing them with the resources—material, behavioral, intellectual, spiritual—that will serve them well in life, that will allow our little planet to continue to nurture them, and allow them to leave a legacy of their own?

These concerns are at the heart of parenting, but also at the heart of all those who share the goal of improving outcomes for children.  Child Trends works to deepen our understanding of how we may make of our children the adults who will raise the curtain on the next act.  Hit or bust, like spring the show will go on.