Research Brief: Primary Child Care Arrangements of U.S. Infants: Patterns of Utilization by Poverty Status, Family Structure, Maternal Work Status, Maternal Work Schedule, and Child Care Assistance

Jun 15, 2009
Tamara Halle,
Elizabeth C. Hair,
Mirjam Nuenning,
Debra Weinstein,
Jessica Vick,
Nicole Forry,
Akemi Kinukawa

A substantial proportion of children under the age of 3 are cared for by adults other than their parents. Recent analyses of the 2005 National Household Education Survey (NHES) indicate that 42% of infants under the age of 1, 53% of 1-year-olds, and 73% of 2-year-olds had at least one nonparental care arrangement that occurred on a weekly basis.

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Tamara Halle
Elizabeth C. Hair
Mirjam Nuenning
Debra Weinstein
Jessica Vick
Nicole Forry
Akemi Kinukawa