Proposed Revisions to the Definitions for the Early Childhood Workforce in the Standard Occupational Classification

Jul 18, 2016
Richard Brandon,
Margaret Burchinal,
Fran Kipnis,
Roberta Weber,
Marcy Whitebook,
Martha Zaslow

The SOC is used by federal statistical agencies to classify workers and jobs into occupational categories for the purpose of collecting, calculating, analyzing, or disseminating data. This white paper proposes changes to the titles, definitions, and placement of the detailed occupations involving the early childhood care and education (ECCE) workforce in the SOC. At present, a series of problems exists with the categorization and definitions used in the federal occupational data system for the ECCE workforce. These problems make it difficult to know the size of this workforce and its characteristics, such as level of education and training.

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Richard Brandon
Margaret Burchinal
Fran Kipnis
Roberta Weber
Marcy Whitebook
Martha Zaslow