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Frequently Asked Questions:

Healthy and Ready to Learn: A New National Outcome Measure of Kindergarten Readiness Frequently Asked Questions

Webinar: Updates to the Healthy and Ready to Learn Measure

Learn about updates to the National Outcome Measure of Healthy and Ready to Learn by viewing this webinar from June 2020. We developed a Questions and Answers document to address questions received during the webinar.

Webinar: Healthy and Ready to Learn – Developing a population-level measure of school readiness

Get an overview of the process of developing the Healthy and Ready to Learn National Outcome Measure and its importance to the early childhood field by watching this webinar from December 2018.

Project Contacts:

Katie Paschall – Research Scientist
Kristin Anderson Moore – Senior Scholar

[1] National outcome measures (NOMs) cross all population domains and reflect maternal and child population health status. More than two dozen NOMs have been developed and are tracked and reported by HRSA MCHB.