Home Visiting Applied Research Collaborative

Early ChildhoodMay 10 2019

The Home Visiting Applied Research Collaborative (HARC) aims to strengthen and broaden the impact of home visiting using innovative research to achieve precision home visiting practice. Precision home visiting aims to achieve specific outcomes by differentiating what works, for whom, and in what contexts. Child Trends, in partnership with James Bell Associates, leads work on the project’s subtask developing research guidelines for conducting precision home visiting research. In addition, the Child Trends team leads dissemination activities for the project. This project is supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration, with Johns Hopkins University serving as the project’s lead partner along with Child Trends, James Bell Associates, Harvard University, Chapin Hall, and Erickson Institute.




Introduction to Precision Home Visiting

The Importance of Participatory Approaches in Precision Home Visiting Research

2018 Methods Meeting

Innovative Methods



Principal Investigator: Lauren Supplee

Project Director: Maggie Kane

Task Lead: April Wilson

Research Scientist: Deana Around Him

Research Assistant: Poojah Silamongkol