Sep 01, 2003
Natasha Cabrera,
Kristin Anderson Moore,
Jacinta Bronte-Tinkew,
Tamara Halle,
Jerry West,
Jeanne Brooks-Gunn,
Nancy Reichman,
Julien Teitler,
Kirsten Ellingsen,
Christine Winquist Nord,
Kimberly Boller

Focuses on ways of measuring the efficacy of father involvement in different scenarios, using different methods of assessment and different populations. Includes new research strategies and new parental paradigms to include paternal involvement.

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Natasha Cabrera
Kristin Anderson Moore
Jacinta Bronte-Tinkew
Tamara Halle
Jerry West
Jeanne Brooks-Gunn
Nancy Reichman
Julien Teitler
Kirsten Ellingsen
Christine Winquist Nord
Kimberly Boller