Child Welfare Financing SFY 2014: A survey of federal, state, and local expenditures

Child Trends conducted this, the ninth national survey of child welfare agency expenditures, for SFY 2014. This round revealed a 1 percent decrease in total spending (as compared to the previous round), with a decrease in federal funds spent by child welfare agencies, and a slight increase in state/local funds. However, a more dramatic picture emerges when finance trends are examined over the past decade. This report is one of an array of resources compiled from the survey’s findings.

During each round of the survey, states are provided the opportunity to make corrections to data they submitted in prior years. We incorporate these updates into the latest Child Welfare Financing Survey products. Therefore, the historical data used in the latest products may differ from the data originally reported in products from prior years.

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Kristina Rosinsky
Dana Dean Connelly