Child Trends submits comments on a clearinghouse of evidence-based practices

CommentsChild WelfareAug 13 2018

Child Trends responded to a request for comments from the federal Administration for Children and Families (ACF), Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), about the development of a clearinghouse of evidence-based practices in accordance with the Family First Prevention Services Act of 2018. The Family First Act is a powerful new opportunity for states to extend the largest federal funding source, Title IV-E of the Social Security Act, to include services and supports that can prevent children from being removed from their families and placed in foster care. Given the needs of children involved in the child welfare system, it is paramount that these children and their families receive comprehensive evidence-based services that 1) help families remain intact and 2) provide children with the resources they need to develop into healthy adults.

Children and families involved in the child welfare system have a complex set of needs. For example, many system-involved children have been victims of abuse and neglect, witnessed violence in their homes and communities, lived in resource-deficient and dangerous neighborhoods, and/or experienced housing instability. The detrimental impact of adverse experiences on children’s development is often compounded by the additional trauma they experience when removed from their homes, as well as the placement instability they experience in foster care.