Feb 16, 1999
Kristin Anderson Moore,
Jennifer Manlove,
Kerry Richter,
Tamara Halle,
Suzanne Le Menestrel,
Martha Zaslow,
Angela Dungee Greene,
Carrie L. Mariner,
Lisa J. Bridges

This paper is one of several that were developed in support of the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study (ECLS)-Birth Cohort(B) 2000 design efforts. It considers a number of possible features of the ECLS-B design, suggests a framework for guiding decisions about the content of the study instruments, and a set of draft content specifications for the ECLS-B survey instruments.

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Kristin Anderson Moore
Jennifer Manlove
Kerry Richter
Tamara Halle
Suzanne Le Menestrel
Martha Zaslow
Angela Dungee Greene
Carrie L. Mariner
Lisa J. Bridges