Child Trends is currently partnering with The Heinz Endowments to support its efforts to build a stronger and more equitable prenatal-to-three (PN-3) system in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The PN-3 system is complex, and includes the network of organizations, policies, and programs that support families with children from pregnancy to age 3 across multiple domains of well-being. More specifically, through this partnership, Child Trends aims to help The Heinz Endowments develop and evaluate a strategy that builds capacity within the county’s PN-3 system and supports equitable outcomes for young children and their families.

As part of the partnership, Child Trends has conducted in-depth research to learn what children and families need to thrive, and to understand both the strengths and challenges facing the Allegheny County’s PN-3 system. The team’s efforts to date have included interviews with key stakeholders, scans of the extant literature, reviews of administrative data sources, mapping of PN-3 resources in the county, and scans of relevant federal, state, and local policies. Child Trends has also developed several products to support The Heinz Endowments in its PN-3 work. For example, the team developed a “Path to Prenatal-to-Three Equity” framework that outlines key areas for PN-3 systems-building, as well as available indicators the Endowments could use to track progress in each area. Child Trends also developed a resource called “Voices from the Field,” which synthesizes experiences and insights from more than 30 interviews with content experts, policymakers, advocates, practitioners, and families in the region. Child Trends has developed numerous other research briefs designed to support The Endowments in implementing more equitable grantmaking practices, robust research and evaluation, and effective collaboration with other entities involved in PN-3 work.


The Heinz Endowments


Principal Investigators: Kathryn Tout, Andra Wilkinson (co-PI)

Project Director: Andra Wilkinson

Deputy Project Director: Rowan Hilty

Other team members: Christina Padilla and Priya Koushik

Consultant: Kristine Andrews (Ideas to Impact)