Mallory Warner

Senior Research Scientist

Research Focus

Education & certification

MPP, Public Policy, University of Minnesota

Mallory Warner

Senior Research Scientist, Minneapolis, MN

Mallory Warner, MPP, is currently a senior research scientist in the early childhood research area at Child Trends. For over a decade, she has worked with policy, system, and program leaders to better understand the impacts of their policies, how these policies work, and how to make them work better. Ms. Warner has extensive experience in policy analysis and program evaluation in the area of early care and education (ECE). She has worked with ECE systems (Child Care and Early Education Policy Research and Analysis project) and quality improvement (Detroit Early Learning Coaching Initiative Evaluation, Vermont STARS QRIS Validation and Evaluation, Evaluation of Success by 6 in Philadelphia), as well as professional development and the ECE workforce initiatives (Evaluation of the Minnesota R.E.E.T.A.I.N. Wage Supplement program, Examination of the Facilitators and Barriers to Professional Development in the National Survey of Early Care and Education, SCOPE coaching study, Evaluation of the National Governors Association ECE Workforce 2.0 Policy Academy). She also has experience in research concerning literacy tutoring (Reading by 3rd Grade Evaluation, Social Innovation Fund Evaluation of the Tutoring Partnership, Reading Partners Evaluation of Volunteer Experiences and Impact), and young children with disabilities (Child Care and Early Education Policy Research and Analysis project). Ms. Warner specializes in mixed method studies and brings expertise in methods that elevate the perspectives of those directly impacted by policies and programs (e.g., developmental evaluation, stakeholder engagement, rapid-cycle evaluation). She has demonstrated leadership as co-principal investigator, project director, project manager, or task lead for over a dozen projects in her tenure at Child Trends.