Diana E. Gal-Szabo

Diana E. Gal-Szabo

Research Scientist

Areas Of Expertise

Education & Certification

PhD, Family and Human Development, Arizona State University

Diana E. Gal-Szabo, PhD, is a research scientist in the early childhood research area at Child Trends. Diana is an applied research scientist and data analyst with over ten years of experience helping organizations collect meaningful data and leverage results to highlight policy and practice implications, particularly for children in communities marginalized by systemic inequities. A major focus of Diana’s research has been on the evaluation of professional development and technical assistance approaches in early education in both center- and home-based child care. She has also led numerous evaluations of family engagement initiatives that serve families with low incomes. Throughout her work, Diana uses an equity-explicit and community based participatory framing, recognizing the expertise that individuals have regarding their own experiences, and elevating the perspectives of those in the communities directly affected by programs and policies. Before coming to Child Trends, Diana worked at Indigo Cultural Center, leading multiple research projects focused on evaluation of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation initiatives, family engagement programs, and professional development approaches for family, friend, and neighbor child care providers.