Bonnie Solomon

Bonnie Solomon

Research Scientist, Bethesda, MD

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Education & Certification

University of Illinois at Chicago

Bonnie Solomon conducts applied research across the developmental spectrum to identify points of intervention within the educational system that can benefit the academic and behavioral trajectories of low-income youth. For twelve years she has contributed leadership and support to research and evaluation projects examining school-based mental health services, school-based social-emotional learning programs, and college-community partnerships that support first-generation students during the transition to college.

Based on prior work that highlighted a lack of attention to students’ social-emotional development during teacher certification and pre-service training, Bonnie is currently developing research proposals to study different ways of preparing teachers to foster this development. Other current and upcoming projects include: (1) a study funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that explores diverse stakeholder perspectives on healthy school environments and how schools can promote health equity for all students; (2) an evaluation of a Social Innovation Fund project designed to improve school readiness among low-income children; (3) development of a healthy relationships curriculum for youth in grades 5-8; and (4) a qualitative study of the process that local educational agencies engage in when carrying out a strategic plan for improvement.

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