Promoting a Culture of Continuous Learning in Early Care and Education Settings: A Summary for ECE Leaders

Research BriefEarly ChildhoodDec 28 2021

Young children and their families benefit from early care and education (ECE) settings that implement high-quality practices that support children’s well-being, health, and safety. Quality improvement activities include a variety of delivery modes and content areas to address children’s developmental needs and to align with the knowledge and skills of the ECE workforce. The work of quality improvement in ECE is challenging using existing methods, and sustained changes in quality across ECE settings have not been widespread. ECE leaders and staff are seeking new approaches to quality improvement that can promote meaningful and sustained changes in practice.

This brief provides a summary of findings from the first five years of the Culture of Continuous Learning (CCL) project which focused on helping ECE centers bridge the gap between knowledge and practice by implementing an innovative continuous quality improvement methodology called the Breakthrough Series Collaborative (BSC).