Opportunities through State Agency Research Partnerships for Using Administrative Data to Support Early Care and Education

ReportEarly ChildhoodNov 22 2019

This report describes partnerships between researchers and state early childhood agencies in Georgia, Oregon, and South Carolina. Two of these partnerships are with researchers who are external to the state agency, and one is with a research team inside the agency. The report provides examples of how partnerships have made use of administrative data to address various questions about pre-K, child care quality, access, child care subsidy, and other topics of interest to states. Examples of questions addressed in this report include the following: What is the reliability among licensing staff who monitor compliance with licensing? Where can the state add child care slots to serve homeless children who are not receiving child care? In this report, members of the research partnerships describe the benefits and challenges of these partnerships and offer tips for sustaining the partnerships. Research partners note that sustaining these partnerships requires frequent communication; a commitment to addressing critical, policy-relevant questions; and trust among all partners.

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