Making Use of Integrated Data Webinar: State Examples of Using ECIDS Data to Inform Policies and Practices

WebinarJun 6 2017

As states are working on building their Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems (ECIDS), it is important to consider how stakeholders will be able to use available data through their state ECIDS. During this webinar on June 6, 2017, two states described their ECIDS and how different stakeholders are using their data and reports to inform state policies and programs. Dr. Dale Epstein, Director of North Carolina’s ECIDS and a Senior Research Scientist at Child Trends, discussed the types of information available and questions that North Carolina can now answer about their youngest children through NC ECIDSStephanie Hogenson, Research and Policy Director for the Children’s Defense Fund Minnesota, and Anita Larson from Minnesota’s Department of Education, shared how they used data from MN’s Early Childhood Longitudinal Data System (ECLDS) to develop a report on child care utilization. Both speakers also shared how they inform stakeholders about how to use their ECIDS online reporting tools. Carlise King, Executive Director of the Early Childhood Data Collaborative, moderated the webinar.

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