Apr 15, 2015
Zakia Redd,
Daniel Princiotta,
Brandon Stratford,
Selma Caal,
Weilin Li,
Kelly Murphy,
Amelia Coffey,
Nicholas Carrington,
Rachel Carney,
Maryjo Oster,
Susannah Horton

J.C. Nalle is a public elementary school in one of the District’s poorest neighborhoods. The school is also the first Washington, D.C. public “community school,” working with local organizations to address students’ non-academic needs. Child Trends took an independent look at whether test scores were improving for students at J.C. Nalle, and if they were, to see what had contributed to this feat.

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Zakia Redd
Daniel Princiotta
Brandon Stratford
Selma Caal
Weilin Li
Kelly Murphy
Amelia Coffey
Nicholas Carrington
Rachel Carney
Maryjo Oster
Susannah Horton