Including Home Visiting Programs in Early Childhood Data Governance Bodies

Research BriefEarly ChildhoodFeb 4 2020

While home visiting services are an important component of the early childhood (EC) landscape, few states include home visiting data in their early childhood integrated data systems (ECIDS). An ECIDS links together data from different early care and education programs to generate data used to support program and policy decisions. One reason for the lack of home visiting data in many ECIDS is that home visiting programs are often housed in departments of health, while ECIDS and other EC programs, such as preschool and child care assistance programs, are typically overseen by departments of education, human services, and social services.


Effectively integrating home visiting data into states ECIDS requires strong data governance. Governance bodies have authority to oversee the maintenance, integration, appropriate use, and confidentiality of data. This resource discusses the importance of developing data governance bodies that include home visiting programs in order to facilitate comprehensive integration and use of data to inform early childhood policies. It includes examples of state data governance structures and recommendations for how home visiting leaders can be engaged in data governance.