Identifying Home Visiting Data to Integrate with Other Early Childhood Data

Publication Date:

October 16, 2019



Integrating data across early childhood programs allows program staff and administrators, policymakers, and researchers to have a comprehensive picture of early childhood programs. While some states have taken significant steps to integrate data across many early childhood programs, home visiting data have seldom been included in these data integration efforts. The administration of home visiting models is complex, which poses challenges for data integration. A state’s home visiting models may be administered by a variety of organizations (e.g., private organizations, nonprofits, public agencies) and at different levels (state or local). Their data may be housed in vendor data systems, in paper or electronic form at individual programs, or in the state’s integrated data system. In addition, home visiting data may be recorded and tracked at the child, family, or program level, depending on the requirements of the model and lead organizations.