How to Reach and Engage with Hispanic Communities

WebinarFamiliesOct 20 2016

Here’s a webinar on How to Reach and Engage with Hispanic Communities, a research-informed communications guide released by the Child Trends Hispanic Institute in collaboration with the Crimsonbridge Foundation. The guide is designed to help service providers and educators build communication strategies to better serve Latino children and their families. It explains how to maximize your funders’ contributions, access multiple communication channels, and many other essential strategies. The guide is also intended for funders and policymakers whose work impacts the Hispanic community.

By 2050, Hispanic children living in the United States will make up one third of the population, yet they face a number of challenges on their road to adulthood. One quarter of Latino families are expected to be living in, or near poverty by that year. Sadly, many Hispanic families don’t know how or where to get help. Some simply believe they are just not eligible for assistance, education, or scholarship programs.

We can help overcome these obstacles with an evidence-based, strategic plan with a clear series of steps. This communications guide explains all of them. Click here to download the presentation.