How Effective are Different Welfare-to-Work Approaches? Five-Year Adult and Child Impacts for Eleven Programs

Dec 01, 2001
Gayle Hamilton,
Stephen Freedman,
Lisa Gennetian,
Charles Michalopoulos,
Johanna Walter,
Diana Adams-Ciardullo,
Anna Gassman-Pines,
Sharon M. McGroder,
Martha Zaslow,
Surjeet K. Ahluwalia,
Jennifer L. Brooks

Summarizes the long-term effects of 11 mandatory welfare-to-work programs on welfare recipients and their children. The findings are the final ones from the National Evaluation of Welfare-to-Work Strategies (NEWWS), a multi-year study of alternative approaches to helping welfare recipients find jobs, advance in employment, and leave public assistance.

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Gayle Hamilton
Stephen Freedman
Lisa Gennetian
Charles Michalopoulos
Johanna Walter
Diana Adams-Ciardullo
Anna Gassman-Pines
Sharon M. McGroder
Martha Zaslow
Surjeet K. Ahluwalia
Jennifer L. Brooks