Facilitating Access to Early Care and Education for Children Experiencing Homelessness

Research BriefEarly ChildhoodMay 22 2020

The experience of homelessness is a known risk factor for young children, ages birth to 5. Children experiencing homelessness benefit from early care and education (ECE); however, states, communities and ECE providers face many barriers to ensuring access to care for these young children. The purpose of this brief is to: (1) discuss the barriers to accessing ECE among families experiencing homelessness, and (2) describe ways in which states and communities support the enrollment of children experiencing homelessness in ECE. We provide a summary of the methods and findings from a series of key informant interviews with agency or organization leaders in selected states and communities. To conclude, we summarize interview themes, highlight relevant resources, and discuss the next steps for supporting ECE access for this population.


This brief is part of the Child Care and Early Education Policy and Research Analysis (CCEEPRA) project. CCEEPRA supports policy and program planning and decision-making with rigorous, research-based information.