Early Childhood Developmental Screening: A Compendium of Measures for Children Ages Birth to Five

ReportEarly ChildhoodFeb 1 2014

This document describes a review of research on developmental screening tools designed for use with children from birth to age five. It provides detailed profiles for 16 commonly-used and/or publicly available developmental screening tools, as well as a set of summary tables providing an “at a glance” review of some common features across the tools. The compendium aims to translate technical psychometric information about the reliability and validity of the developmental screening tools into language that is easily understood by early childhood practitioners. It is designed to allow practitioners to access this information more easily and assist them in evaluating whether or which developmental screening tool is appropriate for the population with which it will be used. The compendium also highlights areas in which the early childhood field is lacking information on reliability and validity of available developmental screening tools.