Determining the Feasibility of Using State Early Care and Education Administrative Data

ReportEarly ChildhoodFeb 1 2017

The purpose of this resource is to help early childhood researchers determine the feasibility of using administrative data in their research. Administrative data refers to information about individual children, families, and/or service providers that is collected and maintained as a part of program operations. Administrative data can describe and inform the implementation of policies and programs. This resource provides questions for researchers to consider and discuss with agency leaders before finalizing a research plan that uses administrative data. This resource has been designed for use by researchers who are new to the analysis of administrative data, as well as seasoned users of administrative data who are expanding their research to include new types of administrative data (e.g., expanding to a new state or new agency). The questions generated for this resource were developed through conversations with grantees and researchers who had experience analyzing state administrative data. Two other resources may be helpful to researchers interested in using early care and education administrative data: Developing Collaborative Partnerships with State Agencies to Strengthen Research Using Early Care and Education Administrative Data and Considerations in Preparing to Analyze Administrative Data to Address Early Care and Education Related Research Questions.