Expanding Opportunities for Young Families

FamiliesDec 21 2021

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Supporting Young Parenting Students With Navigation Services

Expanding Opportunities for Young Families (EOYF) is a multi-year, two-generation initiative funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation to support young parents and their children. Currently, the initiative is led by three sites (Austin, Miami, and Santa Fe) that collaborate with local partners to pilot the effort. Each site is located on-site at—or works in partnership with—a local community college, where young parents are provided with resources, advising, and wrap-around services (including financial, academic, and workforce supports and health care and housing services) to bolster their postsecondary education success.

EOYF has five primary objectives:

  • Promote and prioritize equity for young student parents of color.
  • Engage, empower, and connect young parents with resources and services, and with each other.
  • Partner with community organizations to build better systems of support for young parents.
  • Improve access to postsecondary opportunity pathways for young parents.
  • Support young adults in their roles as parents and providers.

Child Trends supports and guides the EOYF sites and overall initiative by: (1) assessing, providing, and brokering technical assistance (TA); (2) identifying opportunities for cross-site convenings and information sharing forums; and (3) supporting the dissemination of promising practices and approaches.


The Annie E. Casey Foundation EOYF Initiative

Program sites


Principal Investigator: Zakia Redd

Project Director: Renee Ryberg

Project Manager: Melissa Perez