California Child Care Study: Resources for Local Agencies and Contractors

Jun 13 2018

Resources for Local Agencies and Contractors

The purpose of the California Child Care Study is to learn more about child care paid for by the government and the families who use it.

The study will involve people from across California, including local agencies that help families get child care assistance, child care programs, and families whose child care is paid for by the government. Click here to learn more (Spanish).

The resources below include information for local agencies and contractors who may be selected to participate in the study. Local agencies and contractors for the following programs may be contacted: CalWORKs Stage 1, CalWORKs Stage 2, CalWORKs Stage 3, General Child Care and Development Program, Alternative Payment Program, Migrant Child Care and Development Program & Migrant Alternative Payment Program, and California State Preschool.

Timeline for Local Agencies and Contractors Data Collection

  • Local agency/contractor data collection
    • May 2018–October 2018

California Child Care Study Data Collection Process Webinar

Download the slide deck

Other Resources

Information for Local Agencies

Letter from CDE to Local Agency Directors/Contractors

Letter from CDSS to Local Agency Directors/Contractors


If you have questions about the study, please contact us at or 1-833-823-924.

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