Robert Doar and Rafael López appointed to Child Trends’ Board of Directors

Oct 30, 2018

Child Trends is pleased to announce that Robert Doar, Morgridge Fellow in Poverty Studies at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), and Rafael López, Managing Director for Accenture’s Health and Public Service practice, have been elected to our Board of Directors.

“We are thrilled to have Robert and Rafael join our board. It’s so important for our organization to be guided by outstanding authorities in the field who bring a broad array of perspectives and expertise, especially in the current polarized environment,” said Child Trends President Carol Emig.

Robert Doar’s research at AEI focuses on how federal and state safety net programs can reduce poverty, connect individuals to work, and increase opportunities for low-income Americans and their children. Before joining AEI, he worked for Mayor Michael Bloomberg as commissioner of New York City’s Human Resources Administration, where he oversaw 12 public assistance programs, including welfare, food assistance, and public health insurance.

At Accenture’s Health and Public Service practice, Rafael López leverages technology and innovation to shape national strategies for health and human service agencies. Previously, during the Obama administration, Rafael served as commissioner of the Administration on Children, Youth and Families at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and as a senior policy advisor at The White House. He has also worked as a city official, a nonprofit executive, and in the philanthropic sector at the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

The Child Trends board is made up of 15 individuals with diverse backgrounds, including leaders in the nonprofit sector (Independent Sector), in child and family services (Harlem Children’s Zone), and in technology (Netflix). Many have directed government agencies serving children and youth.

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