Child Trends’ Board of Directors Establishes the Kristin Anderson Moore Annual Lecture

WASHINGTON, DC— Child Trends’ Board of Directors announced today that it is establishing the Kristin Anderson Moore Annual Lecture in appreciation of Dr. Moore’s 14 years of service as president of Child Trends.  Dr. Moore, a social psychologist, chose to step down as President last month in order to devote her full energies to research as Child Trends’ Senior Scholar.

Board Chair, Jack Leone, stated, “Kris Moore is an outstanding researcher and a thought leader in research about children. She possesses a rare ability to think across disciplines, to connect seemingly disparate issues, and to create new paradigms that fundamentally change the direction of research. Her work has improved policies and practices that support children and families. In recognition of this quality, and to express our deepest appreciation, Child Trends’ Board is creating, and will sustain, this annual lecture.”

Each year, Dr. Moore will select a researcher to deliver the lecture.  The Board suggested that she choose someone whose work intrigues her and who shares her passion for integrating knowledge and communicating it effectively.  The lecture will be delivered in a public forum and is intended to stimulate thinking on the direction of research on children. The first lecture is to occur in 2007.

In response, Dr. Moore said, “I’m honored by this recognition and grateful to the Child Trends’ Board for such a thoughtful and creative tribute.  It underscores what is most important to me and to all of us at Child Trends – research that spans domains and stages of development and that is intended to influence policy and practice to improve outcomes for children.”

Child Trends’ new president, Carol Emig remarked, “The Board’s gift is a wonderful tribute to Kris Moore’s intellectual curiosity and her passion to improve children’s lives through rigorous, ground-breaking research.”


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