Working at Child Trends


If you’re interested in working for a mission-driven organization that offers flexibility and great benefits, then Child Trends is the perfect place for you! Child Trends is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research center  with offices in Maryland, Minnesota, and North Carolina. We have more than 200 staff in over 28 states who provide valuable information and insights on the well-being of children, youth, and their families. We support the physical, emotional, and financial well-being of our employees by leveraging our technology to allow remote work. For more than 40 years, policymakers, funders, educators, and service providers in the United States have relied on our data and analyses to make better decisions and policies on programs serving children, families, and youth.

Working at Child Trends

We excel at employee engagement!

Our company seeks employees’ feedback to amplify a culture of inclusion. We focus on equity and diversity, broadening one another’s perspectives, encouraging team building, and fostering an overall positive work environment.

“I really appreciate the fact that you consider staff preferences in your planning. Not all companies do this, and it means a lot!”

We have a flexible, results-oriented culture!

Employees have the freedom to set their own schedules and work from home as long as they are able to proficiently and consistently complete their duties.

“Thank you for providing all the flexibility in staff choices in remote work! It is one of the main perks of working at Child Trends.”

Our staff’s values align with yours!

Our success as an organization has been the direct result of our outstanding staff and our dedication to high-quality work. We equate this commitment with our support for employees’ healthy work-life balances.

“I think Child Trends is the most supportive employer I’ve ever worked at or heard of. The leadership is phenomenal. My colleagues are some of my favorite people. THANK YOU!”

We take an employee-centered approach to our benefits!

We selected our competitive benefit offerings based on the values of our employees.

“Overall, Child Trends is a great employer with many benefits that promote well-being. The flexibility and trust afforded to employees is really unmatched. In terms of benefits, the leave time is actually quite generous compared to other employers.”

We offer competitive pay!

Child Trends uses market data to determine salaries and conducts regular reviews, adjusting when necessary to retain a competitive edge and ensure fair and livable wages regardless of location. We believe in compensating employees equally for the same work and set our salaries accordingly, then allow staff to drive increases through promotion opportunities. Child Trends does not negotiate starting salaries. We find this helps us reduce disparities that result from differences in salary history and likelihood to negotiate based on differences in race, gender, disability, LGTBQ+, or other status.

“I personally feel that what Child Trends offers is more than I have ever seen anywhere else. It feels nice to be appreciated!”

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