Child Trends News Service

The Child Trends News Service (CTNS) was created to report on new research about child development, and broaden the public’s access to information that can inform their parenting decisions. CTNS features this new research and research-based parenting practices in video news reports in both English and Spanish. While CTNS reporting is relevant to all parents, it also focuses on issues of specific interest to Latino parents regarding their children—the fastest-growing group of children in the United States.

CTNS is a collaboration between the Child Trends Hispanic Institute, a Child Trends initiative, and Ivanhoe Broadcast News, a syndicated news company. Child Trends received a grant from the National Science Foundation to support this work.

The Child Trends Hispanic Institute leads the scientific editorial process. The Institute identifies the latest child development research, and vets story ideas and the scientific content of all news reports with researchers.

Ivanhoe Broadcast News produces the news reports in video form and syndicates them to TV stations and other news outlets throughout the country. Their role includes reviewing story ideas for news worthiness, conducting interviews for video segments, and editing the news reports.

An advisory panel of experts contributes to CTNS in various capacities. The panel includes experts in child development, children and technology, dual language learners, and communications science. The panel also includes practitioners who provide services to families and children, news professionals, and a pediatric surgeon.

This video was produced to highlight the research conducted during the pilot year of the Child Trends News Service project. It explores what we have learned regarding best practices for communicating with and engaging Latino parents through short messages on research-informed parenting practices.

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