Garet Fryar

Garet Fryar

Policy and Research Analyst, Bethesda, MD

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Education & Certification

B.A., Psychology and Sociology, Wake Forest University

Garet Fryar works in the child welfare program area. Her other research interests include homelessness, poverty, early childhood development, the prevention of abuse and neglect, and the effects of public policy. Before joining Child Trends, Garet worked at the American Youth Policy Forum (AYPF) where she helped orchestrate convenings for local, state, and national policy-makers around education issues for all youth, especially those involved with the foster care system. While at AYPF she co-authored a report outlining the policy, practice, and research needs and state exemplars for youth transitioning out of foster care.  Garet graduated from Wake Forest University with a double major in psychology and sociology, focusing on childhood development and education.

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