Courtney Nugent

Courtney Nugent

Senior Research Assistant, Bethesda, MD

Areas Of Expertise

Education & Certification

B.A., Psychology, Georgetown University

Courtney Nugent works in the Early Childhood Development research area. During her undergraduate career, Courtney worked as a research assistant in the Georgetown Early Learning Project, studying working memory and cognitive flexibility in monolingual and bilingual toddlers, and interned in the Harvard Laboratory for Developmental Studies, studying logical reasoning in toddlers.

Prior to joining Child Trends, Courtney coordinated research on the development of causal reasoning for the Cognitive Development Lab at Tufts University. She is especially interested in how children learn from digital media, how access to media impacts development and school performance, and the importance of play and family engagement during early childhood.  Courtney is fluent in American Sign Language and is also interested in how technology can be used to facilitate conversation where language barriers exist.

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