Brandon Stratford

Brandon Stratford

Deputy Program Area Director, Bethesda, MD

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Ph.D., Public Health, Johns Hopkins University

Brandon Stratford received his Ph.D. in public health at Johns Hopkins University with a focus on child and adolescent health. He has worked as an educator and a school-based social worker in the United States and Latin America and has experience implementing a number of evidence-based programs related to students’ behavioral health as well as positive parenting behaviors in both English and Spanish. He is passionate about applied, multidisciplinary research on children’s health and well-being that can serve to better inform policy and program decisions. He is particularly interested in understanding the direct and indirect pathways through which schools contribute to child well-being. His Ph.D. dissertation examined the relationship between schools’ health-related programs, with an emphasis on nutrition services and physical education, and student-reported school engagement among middle school students living in rural communities.

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