Alexandra Cox

Alexandra Cox

Senior Research Assistant, Bethesda, MD

Areas Of Expertise

Education & Certification

B.A., Political Science, Duke University

Alexandra Cox brings firsthand knowledge to her research projects on how school climate affects student success. Her specific interest in Hispanic communities and school climate stems from time spent teaching and mentoring students in New York City and Spain on a Fulbright fellowship.

As a senior research assistant, she works on all aspects of the research process: IRB compliance, budget tracking, data collection and analysis, report writing, and dissemination. She has experience conducting cognitive interviews and facilitating focus groups with parents, school stakeholders, and students. She is certified on the toddler and secondary CLASS observation tools and the Quality of Caregiver-Child Interaction for Infants and Toddlers assessment tool, which she utilized on site visits in different cities and states. She is eager to continue working on research projects that improve the learning and life outcomes of all children. She is particularly interested in Latinx children and families, school climate, school staff professional development, and youth experiencing homelessness.