Research Synthesis

We understand that innovations have the greatest chance of success when they come from a thorough understanding of what has come before. When helping partners to create new research-based interventions, we often begin with a summary and synthesis of what the field already knows.

Child Trends also serves as an expert source for grantmakers, policymakers, and program staff, providing guidance on what works. For new initiatives, we point to strategies already found to be effective, through reviews of rigorous evaluations of other programs—such as those housed in our What Works database. For existing programs or policies, we assess the degree to which their strategies have a base of evidence in research, and suggest ways to enhance or test their effectiveness.

Project Case Studies

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Case study: Preventing youth violence

Child Trends’ groundbreaking study, Preventing Violence: A Review of Research, Evaluation, Gaps, and Opportunities, was a collaboration with the nonprofit organization Futures Without Violence, which works directly with communities to reduce violence. Futures asked us to research and document the causes of a wide range of violent behaviors throughout the United States. Published in 2014, […]