As programs move from innovation to full-scale implementation, they need monitoring. Monitoring begins with an assessment of fidelity to the model and the quality of services, followed by reporting on performance management, and culminating in rigorous evaluation.

Child Trends helps leaders monitor their investments and progress toward goals:

  • We provide quality monitoring and auditing. Child Trends helps programs and funders ensure that programs are implemented as intended.
  • We develop performance measurement systems. Child Trends supports ongoing measurement and its use for program improvement, foundation grant-making, federal reporting, and more.
  • Assessing readiness for a random control trial. In the race to be evidence-based, programs can often find themselves moving prematurely to a rigorous impact evaluation. We know what it takes to be ready for a randomized controlled trial or other outcome evaluation, and can get even programs on a budget to the finish line.

Our experts on implementation evaluation understand how to integrate observations with the latest knowledge of what works, to make recommendations. Our outcomes evaluations have been featured in the news and cited in congressional testimony. Our researchers are trained in evaluation techniques including observations, surveys, cognitive and non-cognitive assessments, semi-structured and structured interviews, site visits, literature reviews, data syntheses, and analysis of existing data.